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Barn Painting – Staining Tips

You need to evaluate the condition of the barn. Look for signs of wet or dry rot where boards need replacing; check window sashes, the bottoms of doors, and hinges for signs of rodent damage, rot, or insect infestation; keep an eye out for missing nails, warped boards, damaged vents, leaky roof, and other types of damage. Make a note of everything that needs to be fixed to restore the barn to its former glory. 


Professional Barns & Metal Roofs Painting Contractor

Any new metal roof should not be painted for at least six months. This gives the new roof time to weather. It is critical to first completely clean the roof. This is done with a commercial power washer that will remove grime, mildew, dirt and any loose paint from the original paint job or unfinished metal. Then the appropriate paint must be selected.


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